At A & M Dental Studios, we understand that good dental hygiene practices are best developed when they start at a young age.

It is our goal to ensure your child has an enjoyable dental appointment everytime he or she comes into our office. From the moment you and your child enter our doors, we strive to make your child feel welcome, comfortable, and entertained. Our staff has a friendly and welcoming demeanor to ease your child’s fears and worries while addressing his or her pediatric dental needs.

For more information on our pediatric dental services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (973) 334-6444.

Emergency Pediatric Dental Care

Accidents and dental emergencies can happen at any time, especially when you have children. At A & M Dental Studios we are here to offer our services when those emergencies arise, and we can also offer preventive advice. You can save valuable time and unnecessary stress by communicating any risks, hobbies, or sports your child may be engaged in during routine dental visits so we can best equip your child with the right preventative gear and knowledge you might need to help keep them safe. Knowing what to do in an accident can be the difference between losing and saving a tooth. If an emergency should happen, we are only a phone call away.

What do I do if my child loses a tooth?

If this is an emergency situation from an injury or accident, please contact our office right away or for emergency services call 911.

If your child loses a permanent tooth, try to keep it moist until you get to the dentist, as this can increase the chances of saving the tooth.

What do I do if my child cracks a tooth?

If your child cracks a tooth, call our office immediately to schedule an appointment. Even if the crack appears minor, it is important to have it evaluated and treated to prevent further injury, tooth decay, or cavities from developing.

If your child is active in sports, having your child wear a mouthguard can help protect his or her teeth and soft tissues in the mouth.

For toothaches or objects stuck between the teeth, try to floss gently to clean the area and remove any debris as it can create irritation and discomfort. Reduce your child’s risk by avoiding popcorn, hard candy, or sticky foods. If the toothache does not subside, call us for dental care.

These preventative efforts can help minimize your child’s risk of dental emergencies. If your child has a dental emergency, contact us today at (973) 334-6444.

Pediatric Cavities and Fillings

At A & M Dental Studios, we are committed to providing expert preventative care and education to all our patients, but we take even more time with children to ensure they develop lifelong, healthy habits for optimal dental health. Our team is dedicated to providing the best pediatric dental services to ensure your child’s oral hygiene from childhood to adulthood.

Sometimes children can become more susceptible to oral injury or cavities, so it is essential to stay up-to-date with your child’s dental exams and cleanings. If your child experiences a traumatic injury or develops a cavity, we may recommend a composite filing. A composite filling is made of multiple components and can fill any cavities or cracks along a tooth’s surface. Composite fillings can also be used to help recolor discolored teeth as they come in a range of colors and shades, and they can also be used to reshape teeth that have been chipped. Their unique nature enables them to be used for repairing front and back teeth.

We are proud to be specialists in helping parents instill healthy habits in their children from a young age to prevent future dental issues later in life. For more information about our pediatric dental services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (973) 334-6444.

Pediatric Dentistry