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Why choose A&M Dental Studio?

Dental Care With Heart

Because it’s about YOU! Dr Amanda listens to YOU and makes sure that YOUR needs and desires are put FIRST.

Dental appointments scheduled to your needs: your time is valuable and that is why A&M Dental is open for you evenings and weekends.

Treatment better than family

Dr. Amanda puts service and care above everything. Here at A&M Dental Studio, it’s about having fun and getting to know you.

Your dental care and your lifestyle affect each-other. Trust your care with Dr. Amanda. She enjoys getting to know everyone and will customize your care to fit your specific needs.

Attention to detail

Small details are often missed, but can affect the success of your care. For example, the success of Invisalign to straighten your teeth can be severely reduced if you do not have time to eat lunch during your work day. Dr. Amanda takes the time to review details such as these, so that your expectations are exceeded.

Comforts of home

A&M Dental looks like home from inside and out. The waiting room space is designed to feel like home, relax on a comfortable couch and enjoy being pampered. During your treatment there are blankets, sound proof headphones and an iPad available to watch all your favorites.

Emergencies treated NOW. Get out of pain NOW and get care today!

Dental Care is confusing and scary but Dr. Amanda relates it in easy to understand pieces. She teaches you and empowers you so that you can help yourself. She will point out areas to better focus on at home so that you can help yourself avoid future cavities and gum disease.

Cost effective

Dr. Amanda believes in many options not just one. If you have been told that you need an extensive amount of work you can’t afford, trust Dr. Amanda to offer more options and solutions that can fit your budget. She is an innovative thinker and is always informed with the newest techniques.

Going the extra mile

For people who cannot get to the office due to health complications, Dr. Amanda can visit them at their homes.

A doctor who always is available for you

Dr. Amanda provides all her patients her personal cell phone number. She is reachable via text. If you call past office hours all office calls will be routed to her cell phone. She always has your back!

If you have any questions about how we can care for your teeth & mouth, please don’t hesitate to call us at (973) 334-6444. Thank you!

dental care dental works dentist appointment dental studio dentist in us